Painting Studio - Space for Rent

2014 Oakdale, San Francisco, CA 94124  
Phone 415.572.6110

Open Shared Painting Space
$ 175 per mo.
Oakdale Painting Studio is a 1100 sq. ft. open area with great natural light. The studio has two skylights, track lighting, large windows, two exhaust fans for cross ventilation, and is heated.

The studio has a private bathroom and a separate utility sink for clean up. It is equipped with easels, palette stands, shelves for storing supplies, and a large painting rack. Everyone using the space (students & renters) is expected to return their paintings to the racks, replace easels, and clean up at the end of each work session.

The studio space has a private entrance and each renter has a key. There is good parking with easy access to the studio. The studio space is available 24hrs. a day, 7 days a week, except during class hours (classes are usually held Tuesday and Thursday nights).

To visit Oakdale Painting Studio contact Larry Robinson at: